Summer in the U.S.

The semester has come to an end. For most American students, this is probably the happiest time of the year; they either face a nice summer break (unless they take summer classes, but who does that?), or the start of their future career.

But for exchange students, this is an emotional and sad time. Our time at Purdue and in the U.S. is over. We have to leave our amazing friends and the beautiful campus to go back to our “regular” life.

But before we do, many of us travel for a couple of weeks to make the most of our American experience. And since we are on a student budget, we want to make affordable trips. This website has gathered a few of the most affordable destinations in the U.S.

Yosemite is one of the most affordable destinations.

On the list, there are popular destinations such as Yellowstone, Washington D.C. and Key West, but there are also some interesting choices I wouldn’t have thought about, like Savannah and Nashville.

Personally, I’m going on a road trip with my parents. We will either go to St. Louis and Chicago, or drive to New York City and make stops along the way. If you have any tips what to do between Indiana and NYC, please share.

For those of you who will stay at Purdue over summer, it won’t be completely event-less. Purdue Salsa Club will give classes, so contact them if you’re interested. There will also be yoga classes and movie nights. Check this out for all upcoming events.


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