Indiana thunderstorms

Pink lightning over CoRec yesterday.

One thing I find fascinating about Indiana are the thunderstorms. Since I got here last August, I’ve experienced two big ones. When they happen, I sit by the window or go outside to watch them for hours.

My roomie makes fun of me; she can’t understand why I find them interesting. She is used to the Indiana thunderstorms so they are no big deal to her. But they are the most extreme weather I’ve ever experienced.

2016-04-22 10.35.41
My roomie is making fun of me on Facebook.

When I tell people here that I enjoy the thunderstorms, they, like my roomie, think I’m silly. They ask me: “Why do you care about thunderstorms; doesn’t Sweden have northern lights, which is cooler?” Yes, we do, and that’s why I find Indiana thunderstorms fascinating, because we don’t have them.

Sure, we have thunderstorms in Sweden, but they are very modest, and they are over within minutes. Here they can go on all night. And the lightnings are all over the sky – it’s like different storms going on at the same time.

During the storm yesterday, a few other international students and I went outside. What we saw was something we had never seen before: the lightning made the sky pink. It was like a light show in the sky. What do you think of the Indiana thunderstorms?


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