The road led to a barn

We thought we were lost, that we had missed the turn. Because we had been driving on this narrow road surrounded by corn fields for ages. Two more minutes – will we make it on time? But then we saw it: a beautiful, cozy barn decorated with lights, candles and flowers. We went inside and sat down. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a smile across my face. That’s when the music started and the bridal couple walked down the aisle.

Last week I went to my first American wedding. I had no idea what to expect except from what I’ve seen in the movies. My idea of an American wedding is to have the ceremony in a nice garden or in a charming barn. So imagine my happiness when I found out that my vision of an American barn wedding came true.

The wedding was different from the Swedish ones I’ve been to. The setup of first ceremony and then reception is the same, but the content is different. The biggest difference I noticed was that the American wedding ceremony revolved around religion, which the Swedish ones don’t do to the same extent (although weddings in Sweden might be the most religious thing we have).

There’s one tradition at the Swedish weddings that this wedding didn’t have, but I don’t know if it goes for all American weddings. When the bride leaves the reception room for the first time, to go to the restroom, for instance, all girls run over to the groom and kiss him before the bride returns. Same goes for the guys when the groom leaves the room.

An American experience: countryside, sunset and a wedding in a barn (to the left).

One part I liked about the American wedding was the father-daughter and mother-son dance. It was kind of emotional to see how they “said goodbye” to their old life and family, and started a new one together.

Another thing I enjoyed was when the bride threw her bouquet for the single ladies to catch. The other girls were committed; they dove and tackled their way to the flowers, and I happily moved away watching them fight over it.

But my favorite thing was by far the line dance. Yes people, I got to line dance in a barn at a wedding – that’s one of the most American things I’ve experienced. My American experience is complete.


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