The life without a computer


A few weeks ago, the most awful thing that could possibly happen to a person of the technology era happened: my computer got the blue screen of death. In less fancy words, it broke and the only way it might be fixed is to turn it in to a repair shop, which would cost 200 dollars, according to my roomie.

There’s no way I’ll pay that much for a computer I planned to replace anyway when I get back home to Sweden. So, I decided to live the last two months of my college time without a computer. At first, it seemed like a stupid idea; how am I supposed to do school work and watch Netflix? How am I supposed to keep my social media alive?

The first day of my new and, what I thought at the time, horrible life, I realized how much free time I had without a computer. All these hours I normally spend on social media and entertainment I could spend doing something more meaningful. I started spending more time with my friends and going to more events.

I kind of had to focus more on my “actual” world rather than the virtual one. Exchange students spend limited time in another country and we should make every day count. We can experience so much more of the culture and college life if we don’t waste our time in front of a computer screen.

Another positive effect my computer-less life has is actually on the school work, which I thought would suffer from it. Instead of procrastinating in front of my computer in my room for God knows how long, I had to start planning my school work and being more efficient. Having to go to a computer lab to work creates a better balance between school and free time; in the lab I work harder than at home because I don’t want to spend all day in school, which gives me more free time.

The life without a computer makes me feel more in touch with myself; it makes me focus more on who I really am, rather than how I present myself online. I’m not saying that you should stop using computers, but I suggest you spend less time on them. Especially if you’re having a once-in-a-lifetime experience like study abroad. Get out there and make amazing memories. If you don’t, you have nothing to post on social media anyway…


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