Call Sweden

Sweden is the first country with it’s own phone number. Yeah, it’s true, it’s no joke, though I thought it was at first. The tourist association of Sweden encourages anyone to call the Swedish number to talk to a random Swede. The purpose is to increase communication between countries, and rise awareness of Sweden.

In an article it’s said that suggested topics to talk about when you call the Swedish number are Swedish things like the northern lights and meatballs, but you could really talk about anything. This could possibly develop a kind of friendship, and according to the article, “people who live in this cold, often dark region of the world would really like to make some friends.”

I don’t know if living in the “dark region of the world” is the reason Swedes want to make new friends, but I would definitely want to talk to random people from all over the world. Talking to random international people must be a great way to learn about other cultures and to get an insight in what life is like in different countries.

Right now I’m skeptical if this will work, though. I can imagine how people call this number in non-serious ways, as a joke. But I hope there are some interested people out there that would like to learn about Sweden and share their own experiences.


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