Bridges and badminton bring students together

Bridges International is an organization on campuses all over the U.S. They focus on connecting international students with American ones. The organization is all about providing service, social networking and spiritual conversation for international students, although most of the students involved are not Christian.

In order to make this happen for the international students, Purdue Bridges International puts on different events throughout the year.

“We want to give international students a home while they’re here,” said Ryan Zerfas, Purdue Bridges International.

Some of the events are weekly, but once in a while, the organization arranges bigger events such as trips and holiday celebrations. One of the weekly events that brings Purdue students from all over the world together is badminton.

They meet at CoRec every Thursday at 3 p.m. The purpose is to hang out, have fun and make connections.

Ryan Zerfas and Indian student Amartya Dutta talk about Bridges International and the weekly event badminton:


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