Fun facts about Indiana

After studying at Purdue for almost two semesters, I realized I don’t know much about Indiana. I don’t know why I’ve never looked into that; maybe I assumed that Indiana is not very exciting compared to other places in the U.S. But now, a few weeks before I go back home to Sweden, it’s time to learn about the “Hoosier State”.

1. Santa Claus. Isn’t Santa Claus the coolest name of a town ever? This town in Indiana receives tons of Christmas letters, more than a half million every year. Also, my friend from there told me tourists go there because of the name only, and at first, the town didn’t have anything to offer, so they decided to build a theme park.


2. Popcorn producer. We all know Indiana has plenty of corn, more specificly, almost half of the cropland is corn. Indiana produces more than 20 percent of the popcorn supply in the U.S. Salt, butter, chocolate, caramel – how do you like them? (P.S. I tried peanut butter popcorn. Gross.)

3. Weird laws. Indiana, like most states, probably, has odd laws. For instance, it’s illegal to catch a fish with dynamite, firearms, a crossbow or your bare hands. Darn it, my weekend plans are ruined…

4. The Harry Potter rumor. My roomie told me that the last book in the Harry Potter series was published in Crawfordsville, Indiana. But when I google it, I find nothing but rumors from 2007. So did it happen or not? I choose to believe my roomie; it would be awesome if my favorite book was published close to Purdue.


You Americans out there were possibly already familiar with some of these fun facts, but I hope you learned a few new things about Indiana. If you know other fun facts about our state, feel free to share.



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