Common ground for domestic and international students


This past weekend International Programs hosted a soccer tournament for Purdue students, where every team had to include both domestic and international students, and both men and women. On Saturday, the first day of the tournament, 20 teams competed, but unfortunately not all of them were able to come back to Trec to play the second day.

20 teams is almost twice as many teams that joined the tournament last semester. Organizer Leighton Buntain said more teams than they hoped for signed up, so the event was a success.

“We meant to use soccer as a common ground to bring people from all over the world together,” he said.

Most teams played for fun, but some were more serious. A team that was a little bit of both was Colombo Combo, with members from Colombia, America and Albania. One of them, Colombian student Stiven Puentes, said it was a friendly atmosphere, but people were serious when they played.

“But it’s not like we have to win, it’s just for fun,” he said.

Stiven joined the tournament because he enjoys playing soccer. He likes that he got to play with and against people from different countries; he has never done that before. Before the tournament, he didn’t know everyone on his team very well, but he sure knows them better now.

“A team is like a family,” Stiven said. “We are going to be closer after this event.”


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