Spotlight: Kanupriya and India

Exchange student Kanupriya Bhargava went to Tennessee for spring break.

Many Purdue students went to the coast on spring break. But Kanupriya Bhargava, an exchange student from India, didn’t want to spend the break on a beach; she wanted to do something adventoures.

“Going to Florida is really mainstream,” she said. “I wanted to do something not many people do for spring break.”

So Kanupriya went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to spend a few days in the mountains, hiking and white water rafting. The trip was arranged for international students by Bridges International. She didn’t know the people that signed up for the trip, but she thinks that is a good thing.

“If I went with friends I would have stuck to them, but now I was able to make new friends,” Kanupriya said.


Traveling is one of the things Kanupriya enjoys as an exchange student. She has already been to San Fransisco, and Los Angeles and Miami are next.

“I want to explore as much of the U.S. as possible,” she said.

She suggests other exchange students at Purdue do the same. There is not a lot to do and see in the area, so she thinks exchange students should take the opportunity to travel. Also, she suggests they commit to trying to learn about the American culture. Don’t assume you know what the culture is like just because you’ve watched American movies, or you will be pretty shocked, Kanupriya said.

Do you want to study in India? Currently, Purdue has five departmental programs there: engineering, management and liberal arts.


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