Spring break in the Midwest

Spring break means it’s time to leave campus and experience other parts of the U.S. If your are here on exchange, and your time in America is limited, you should definitely take the opportunity to travel.

If you’re going on a longer trip, you have probably already planned and booked it. But some people might not want to go on a long trip, or they couldn’t decide where to go so they ended up with not booking anything. For you people, I was looking for some interesting things to do in the area.

I found a website that is about the life in the Midwest, and one of the things it does is giving travel tips. There are a lot of different things you could do in the Midwest, and I’ll share a few of them:

  • Cities – You don’t have to go to New York City to experience a big city, they are right here in the Midwest. If you’ve already been to Chicago and Indianapolis, you could check out St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis has a great museum and a zoo.
St. Louis Zoo. Source.
  • Small towns – Not everyone likes big cities; maybe you prefer to spend a couple of days in a charming town instead. One of the towns that is suggested on the website is Stockholm, Wisconsin, which I though was funny since Stockholm is the capital of my home country. But if you want to stay in Indiana, you could go to Nappanee.
Nappanee, Indiana. Source.
  • State Parks – If you, like me, sometimes want a break from the city, or town, and just want to relax in the nature, there are many state parks in the Midwest to visit. There are some exciting parks in Ohio and Michigan, but you don’t need to look further than Indiana. Turkey Run State Park and Indiana Dunes State Park are two of the best parks in the Midwest, according to the website.
Indiana Dunes State Park. Source.

No matter where you’ll spend your spring break, I hope you’ll enjoy it. I won’t be posting anything on my blog next week, but I will see you again after the break.


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