Preview: “Greek life” event for international undergraduates

There are things about the college life that Americans take for granted. They don’t reflect over them or wonder why they’re there. You may or may not like them, but they are still a natural part of campus. In many countries, they don’t even exist. What am I talking about? Sororities and fraternities.

When international students come to America, they might not know about the “Greek life” on campus. Or if they do, it’s possible they don’t have a full understanding of it. International Programs want to change that. Together with Student Activities and Organizations and Fraternity, Sorority and Cooperative Life, they will host an event for international undergraduate students.

  • What? International Fraternal Connection.
  • Who? For international undergraduate students.
  • When? March 2, 4:30 p.m.
  • Where? University Hall, room 217.
  • How? Register in advance.

At the event, sorority and fraternity student leaders will talk about the traditions and service of the “Greek life”. There will also be a free dinner. From the event, there will be transportation provided to visit a local sorority or fraternity. The spots for this event are limited, so make sure to register.

Take the opportunity to learn about a very American tradition.

Chi Omega is one of the sororities on campus.



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