Fun facts about Purdue students


During my time at Purdue, I’ve come to notice a few patterns about Purdue students. I acknowledge these patterns because they take me by surprise; I haven’t seen them in Sweden to this extent, so I guess they are part of the cultural clash I experience in the U.S. Let’s refer to these patterns as “fun facts”.

You might agree that a few of them are indeed something you haven’t seen so much outside of Purdue, but some of them might not be as chocking for you as they are to me. Here we go, here are my fun facts about Purdue students:

1. Resistant to cold – Purdue students seem to be resistant to cold. It doesn’t matter what season or temperature, every day you see people wearing shorts. Why? Do they care more about fashion than comfort? I come from a cold country where comfort is high priority, so I’m not ready to take on this Purdue tradition.

2. Backpack lovers – Along with the shorts trend comes the love for backpacks. Everyone has one. Imagine how left out I feel walking around with my messenger bag. The love for backpacks is something I’m willing to take on; I hear they are good for your back.

3. Guys like dancing – I can’t say this applies to every man on Purdue campus, but in general, guys here like dancing a lot more than in Sweden. In the salsa club at Purdue, there are more men than women, which is a nice surprise to me. Some say guys only join to meet girls, but I don’t care what the reason is. Keep up the good work, guys.

4. Drivers rather hit you than stop for you – OK, this might not be a fun fact, it’s actually quite sad. Drivers are supposed to stop for people on the crosswalk, but instead, they step on the accelerator. I’m glad I didn’t learn this lesson the hard way…

5. Polite – Despite the fact that they want to kill you on the crosswalk, at the end of the day, Purdue students are polite. They open doors for you and say “excuse me” when they bump into you. That would never happen in Sweden, where people tend to not acknowledge strangers.

My fun facts show both ups and downs with Purdue students. We might want to work on dressing warm when it’s freezing, and obeying the law of stopping for pedestrians on crosswalks, but Purdue students are awesome. What patterns have you noticed in Purdue students?




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