My bucket list for you

The other day, my roomie and I were writing a bucket list. As seniors, we want to make the most of our last semester at Purdue. As we searched the Internet for things to put on our list, I realized that I’ve already done many of the things people suggest a Purdue student to do before they graduate. So I’m going to share my favorite moments at Purdue so far for you to put on your bucket list.

1. Tailgate. Before every home game of football, there is a big tailgate on Slayter Hill. It is the best combination – a lot of food and a lot of friends. I remember sitting in the sun eating Italian beef, just observing my friends when they were talking and laughing. I was so happy.

Denmark, Sweden (me), America, Chile and Germany represented at tailgate.

2. Road trip. Don’t stay on campus during the breaks; go on a road trip! My roomie’s family invited me to their home over Thanksgiving. We visited Turkey Run State Park, which is a beautiful place 1.5 hours from Purdue.

Turkey Run State Park.

3. Sports. Purdue has a lot of sports that give you plenty of opportunities to go cheer for the Boilermakers. Sure, you have to go to a football and/or a basketball game, but don’t forget the sports that are not as big, like wrestling and swimming. It’s a lot of fun!

2016-02-04 16.00.22
Purdue wrestling takes on Ohio State.

4. Learn something new. Purdue has almost 1,000 student organizations. Instead of going with the interests you’ve always had, why not try something new? I joined the salsa club because I wanted to learn how to dance with a partner, and I meet a lot of international students there.

Time for salsa dance!

5. Explore the CoRec. This gym is like a playground – there are so many fun things to do! Bring some friends and play volleyball or badminton, go rock-climbing, or just relax in one of the swimming pools. Fit and fun at the same time!

Reaching for the top in the gym.

I hope this gave you a couple of new ideas you could put on your Purdue bucket list. Check this out for more inspiration. Do you have other ideas that go on the bucket list? I’d love to hear about them. Please, leave your comments!


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