Our beautiful accents


Do you have one of those friends who constantly makes fun of your accent? I do. Although I know it comes from the heart, it can be frustrating to always be identified with your origin. Despite that, I think accents are charming; they bring variation and richness to the world.

I found an article that said people’s accents have an impact on how others respond to them, how they are perceived and treated. Some receive positive responses due to their accents, and some, unfortunately, negative.

It’s sad that some people get discriminated because of their accents. I agree with the article that there should be an effort to reduce this kind of discrimination, like discrimination based on, for example, gender and race. If you are a Purdue student and experience negative responses due to your accent, I suggest you turn to PUSH’s support group for international students that deals with issues like that.

According to the article, people often assume that the reason why individuals have an accent is lack of intelligence. That is absurd; speaking several languages is – to me – a sign of intelligence, not a lack of it! So I choose to believe the more scientifically proved reason the article provides, which is that it’s simply difficult to get rid of the tone and intonation of your first language.

I think we should embrace our accents. The world would be boring if everyone was and talked the same.


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