Diverse Purdue – 126 countries

It’s no secret that Purdue is home of a great number of international students. But how great that number is, I had no idea. I came across a report saying that last fall, Purdue ranked third in international students among public institutions in the U.S.

The exact number of international students in fall 2015 was 9,230, which is 23.4 percent of the total enrollment. There are 126 countries represented on campus (including the U.S.), and almost half of the international students come from China.


Curious about the reasons why so many international students choose Purdue, I asked the dean of International Programs, Michael Brzezinski, just that.

“Many international students choose Purdue as their destination of choice due to our excellent academic reputation and our excellent support services that exist across campus,” Brzezinski said.

This made me think about why chose Purdue. When you apply for exchange studies, you normally have several options. I had about 20 American universities to choose from. Purdue stood out to me because of its diversity. I was fascinated by the mix of cultures – the “real” American one that the Midwest offers, and so many others from all over the world.

Why did you choose Purdue? Leave your comments below.

If you miss home: In the report, you can find exactly how many students from your home country that were studying at Purdue last semester. They might still be here; track them down (by using today’s Facebook stalking skills, or perhaps asking International Programs) if you ever need a national shoulder to cry on! Even though we are here to meet people from other countries, sometimes it could be nice to have a moment with a fellow countryman.



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